A large group of the UWAM team arrived to the striking cold Melbourne weather this morning. A far reach from our familiar UWA Lab environment, the team carried with it an equally eager nervousness and excitement for the following 7 days.  With the rest of the team and our recently running 2013 car inbound to our new home for the next stretch of the project, we have been hurrying around to prepare the best we can for the week ahead of us.

The team would like to extend its deepest gratitude to all those that have enable us to get to this point. It has required a truly enormous effort by so many people to get us this far. From each and every member of the UWAM team, if you have contributed to our successes, thank you for sharing our passion.

The 2013 car was recently taken down  to our friends at Curtin University and was successfully driven, giving us all a great sense of achievement to see our achievements reaching early stages of final fruition.  The car performed well and there were no complications with the operation of the car. The team looks forward to tuning the car as much as possible and seeing the concept validated.

The team is currently preparing for static events coming up soon. As you may know, the static events comprise a large segment of the total available project points, assessing students on their knowledge of the engineering application they have exhibited throughout their efforts this year.

We are all looking forward to this exciting week with anticipation and know that though we have a large amount of work still ahead of us, the results of recent times have shown that working together we can achieve far beyond what we could have ever perceived.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be spent testing, tweaking and finalising the car. Then we are off to comp on Thursday for Design, Presentation and Cost report events. Friday we will be taking the car through Accel, and Skid pan. Saturday and Sunday we will see the team committing their best efforts in Autocross and Endurance.

We will be keeping you up to date all throughout the week and look forward to catching up when we return from Melbourne to thank you and share more of our experiences with you.

Please click here to see a gallery of our first day in Melbourne.