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  • 2013

MAALI - 013



2013 saw the 2012 Mode Separated Suspension concept successfully re-implementation by the team. Completing Enduro with the best efficiency of all the larger capacity engines, saw the team place 2nd in Economy, attributed to the overall vehicle concept.


Engine:2007 Honda CBR 600RR
Drivetrain:Chain Driven Clutch Pack Differential
ChassisSteel Space Frame
Suspension: Front and Rear Beam Axles & M Springs with one central roll spring

14V system with a Lithium Iron battery. Student designed Power Board

Brakes:    Custom Cast Iron Rotors
Wheels:     2 piece Aluminium Rims. CNC Milled outers and Spun Inners
Aerodynamics:Venturi Tunnel Underbody
Tyres:Goodyear D2704 FSAE Specials