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  • 2007





The team proudly won the World Championship with IHS-007 achieving first place in both the 2007 FSAE-A Competition and FSAE Michigan 2008.


Weight:195 kg
Power:100 hp 
Engine:Honda CBR600RR, custom fuel injection and exhaust, dry sump.
Drivetrain:Custom 4-speed gear box with sequential shift. Chain RWD with Viscous LSD.
ChassisFull one-piece carbon fibre monocoque.
Suspension: Kinetic H2 suspension system, belleville springs and torsion bars. Double unequal length wishbones, non-parallell axes with toe control in rear. Custom mono-tube dampers. Pull-rod all round.
Electronics:16V system with custom charging. Motec controller with data acquisition and traction control system. Digital driver feedback display.
Brakes:    Floating cast iron disc brakes with fixed Brembo dual piston calipers.
Wheels:     Custom cast aluminium rims, single nut fastening.
Tyres:Goodyear Eagle D2692
Performance:0-100kph: 3.2s, 0-75m: 3.7s