And so, the sun rises over the last day of competition, whether we are ready or not, this is it.

Our morning began as though Saturday was repeating, starting work on the car from 7am gates open and working hard though to 10am and the first endurance event. With the electrical gremlin form yesterday put down to a broken solder in the ignition loom, our electrical team spent last night rewiring a new one ready to install this morning. Unfortunately that didn’t solve the problem completely and we soon discovered a faulty ignition module – a part we unwittingly did not have a replacement for. With our puppy-dog-eyes on and a few generous teams around us we managed to secure two new modules from both Curtin University Motorsport and Melbourne University Racing. With the new module and loom fitted (and the brakes re-bled, again) she was up and rearing to go.

After a quick run on the practice track and a top up of fuel we waited in line for our first of two runs of the endurance event. Driver Ben Colley was on tack first, setting an excellent pace before a driver swap with Pete Marsh. Pete put in a phenomenal run to set the fastest time of the event so far. With a full endurance run complete and no concerns afterwards (despite a slow leaking tire) we were already ahead of what we could have expected just a few days ago, and well on our way to our year’s goal of a top five finish overall.


Endurance Event


After a well-deserved slow lunch we pushed our car up to the starting line once again for endurance run two. This time around Tom Lapsley was in the driver’s seat, setting a respectable pace throughout his 11km run before a clean driver swap with Nick Favazzo. A few laps in however Nick had a big spin, ending up in the dirt heading into a long sweeper. Through a skillful recovery effort the car was nursed back to the pits for inspection. Putting the spin down to a combination of too much rear brake bias, a potential issue with the roll bar and some driver error that marked the end of our competition for the year. However, we had managed one full, clean, fast run in endurance and our top 5 standing prospects were looking good.


UWA Motorsport 2013


After the presentation ceremony we walked away with an astounding 2nd place in fuel economy, 4th place in endurance and 5th place overall – a spectacular result for the team, achieving our start of the year goal of a top five overall finish. A big thank you has to go out to our sponsors for their continued support of our engineering pursuit; all of our friends and families for understanding and putting up with the long nights, stressful days and emotional ups and downs; CMT and MUR who without their help this morning we would not have even made it to the track; and everyone else who has helped us in any way shape or form throughout the year. We could not and cannot do this, what we love, without you and we look forward to an even stronger result next year!

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