Today marked the first day of competitive events at this year’s FSAE-A competition. The team rose early to pack our vehicle crate which will stay at Victoria University’s Werribee Campus for the rest of the competition. The first event for us was the cost event. Lyle, Tom, Craig and Rowan presented our cost report and an analysis of a suitable steering system for FSAE vehicles and scrutinised other possible cost reductions on components.


Cost Event


Next was the design presentation. In this event, all of our technical leaders answered questions from a range of judges. They gave justified and reasoned analysis of various component designs.


Design Event

In between these events we attempted passing through the various technical inspections. Unfortunately, we have not yet passed through the initial technical stage.




After a short break for lunch, work continued on the car into the afternoon before André and Michael gave the business presentation to a small panel of industry professionals, the final static event of the three-day competition.

A handful of minor issues remain overnight, which we should be able to fix tomorrow morning, allowing us to run in the dynamic events tomorrow. The team is looking forward to a successful weekend full of dynamic events. 

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