Morning crew was out in the workshop early in the Melbourne morning, working hard to get the car base lined and finalising the few small tasks left to get the car back to track. Things are progressing well and the team is confident that even though in motorsport you can never have “enough time”, we will be lining up for scrutineering Friday morning to collect our stickers.


Last minute tweaking


The team would like to introduce our newest member of our team Toyota Corolla “Pun-nelopy”. Recently joining the team, she has fitted right into the family and seems to be coping well.  Looking past the clearly innocent bite marks on the steering wheel and the doors requiring all passengers to perform the Macarena before entry, she is a beautifully crafted stallion carting us all around Melbourne.




As a brief introduction to our 2014 journey we have put together an interview with 2014 Project Manager Michael Millett.

How long have you been in the team?

Three years, I started February 2011. I walked into the Motorsport lab before my orientation day, skipping my initiation. I saw them pushing the car around and just kind of followed them.

What have you learnt from your time on the team?

Apart from the general competence around tools, people and vehicle mechanics I have also discovered as master of acquisition for the last few years that following a sneaky Google search and a convincing phone call there is nothing that I cannot find.

What are you learning from current Project Manager Matthew Schrader?

How to more effectively manage a large group while keeping them a cohesive unit.

What has been your role in the team this week?

Prime food shopper and assistant list maker, General hand whenever it’s needed and apprentice tyre beader extraordinaire.

What are your hopes for 2014?

I hope to leave the team with the ability to conceive and produce a high quality competitive car within 10 months. In order to teach all members of the team the skills and self confidence in their ability to achieve these goals I believe it is crucial to have our vehicle at a stage that it can be driving by end of September.

Why is it important for the car to be running by September?

Having a car that we can thoroughly test will not only dramatically boost our performance at competition next year, but it will give team members a true experience of what an engineering project requires. Missing out on testing times at the end of the year unfortunately leaves a hole in the engineering process for members, leaving out a crucial learning experience.

Biggest hurdle for 2014?

Managing the team effectively whilst I am out of the state for the initial months of the year. Our solution is interim PM Andre Van Vulpen, who is more than capable of guiding the team through the start of the project, and setting the team up well for my return.


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