Waking up bright and early on Monday morning, the team met after breakfast to discuss our plans for the day. We elected to break into two shifts, early and late, to maximise working time and allow everyone some quality sleep time. With our vehicle due to arrive in the afternoon, the morning was spent preparing for design and business presentation events.


Preparing for design event


It has been fantastic to see every member of the team stepping up for jobs, and we have discovered some new master chefs and dishwashers in our midst. Members preparing to take on a senior role next year are working closely with the 2013 leaders and are taking on a second-in-charge role in that area.

The team and crate arrived safely in the afternoon, after their cross-country road trip. After successfully reversing the trailer all the way down the driveway, the team set to work unloading the vehicle and setting up our workshop. After a comprehensive safety induction by our Safety Officer, Matt Newman, the team set to work on the vehicle in our makeshift workshop.


Setting up our new workshop 

Media Manager, Suzie Delahunt has been hurriedly poking her camera everywhere so stay tuned to check out the gallery.

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