On Thursday the 21st of March, Hatch and Williams presented a small engineering seminar and discussion for WA’s Fromula-SAE teams. Ten members from UWA Motorsport were invited to attend.

The seminar was presented as a Q & A session at the Hatch building on Stirling Street in Perth. James Colgate, Project Manager of Williams Advanced Engineering, was the primary speaker and was kind enough to answer most of our prying Formula 1 design questions.

Along with the talk we were given the chance to operate a pit stop with the half-cut of a raced Williams F1 car. The teams competed against each other to set the fastest single wheel change time. UWAM posted the fastest time of 5.7 seconds, a fun end to a fun morning. [check time ] The seminar concluded with photos and friendly chat between the presenters and teams – with a seemingly irresistible focus on the F1 front wing, vortex generators, suspension arms and brake ducts, which were in the rarely observed “feel free to touch and take photos” state.

This was another excellent opportunity offered to us that we are grateful to have received. UWAM is always eager to expand our knowledge and understanding of the sport and industry we are passionate about, and it is sessions like these that full our brains and bones with the desire to perform through engineering innovation.

A big thank you must go out to James and all the presenters and organisers from Hatch-Williams. We would also like to thank the SAE teams for putting on a brilliant session for all of us; we hope this can continue for many years to come.

Michael Millett.