To wrap up the UWA study week, 19 members from UWA Motorsport travelled to the 2013 Quit Forest Rally and LF Performance Speed Event Series in Busselton to provide a static anddynamic display.

The three day trip was over the 5th to 7th of April with the LF Performance event sporting pretty much every type of enthusiast-level racecar from open wheel racers to performance sedans, and the Quit Forest Rally being the WA Round of the Australian Rally Championship. 

The static display attracted plenty of interest from dierent backgrounds, be they mechanics and drivers themselves, or just enthusiasts. The team had also been recognised from previous years' displays, it was good catching up with people we had spoken to years before. 

As was to be expected, 2011's Phoenix was a hit with the young crowd. Most interesting was the surprise and impressed look on parents' and teens' faces when they were told that these race cars were developed and fabricated entirely by UWA students. In nearly every case, people were immediately curious about the Engineering courses at UWA, and the ability of student engineers to produce such an impressive performance vehicle for an FSAE international competition. Many people asked for more information from promotional pamphlets and the UWA Motorsport Website.


While the static display was successful all Friday and Saturday, the dynamic display also gained much attention on the Saturday. We competed with the UWAM 2002 racecar, with Michael Millett as Mechanic Crew Chief, and Pete Marsh and Thomas Lapsley as Drivers.

Our best photographers Suzie Delahunt and Ray Hyland ventured out throughout the races to capture the team and the car, and operated the team's GoPro units to add to our media collection.

For most of us on the team, this was the rst time we had competed in a non-FSAE competition and it was an interesting participation as 2002 was the only car of its type, and denitely stood out from all of the other competitors.


We also seized the opportunity to train fresh crew that we had inducted from O-Day in Race Mechanic work and introduce them to the eects of engineering on the performance of the racecars we produce, by rotating them throughout the day with mentorship from experienced UWAM members.

Overall, the weekend was packed with worthwhile motorsport goodness, with every member, learning and having a great time representing the University and the FSAE educational project. A big commendation goes to Thomas Lapsley, our External Relations Manager, for organising and insuring that this event was successful.

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