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  • 2010



The first time a UWAM car has run E85 fuel, it generated some promising data with a lot more potential for future development. However, an undesired series of events lead to this year's car finishing 21st out of 27 competitors at the Australasia competition. In order to reutilise the chassis it did not compete at any international events.


Weight:204 kg
Power:100 hp 
Engine:Honda CBR600RR, custom intake, fuel injection and exhaust, with dry sump. High compression pistons utilised.
Drivetrain:4-speed gear box with sequential shift and hydraulic clutch. Chain RWD with Clutch Pack LSD. 
ChassisOne-piece carbon fibre monocoque with rear CrMo spaceframe.
Suspension: Double unequal length wishbones, non-parallell axes with toe control in rear. Custom mono-tube dampers connected to a Kinetic H2 interconnected damper system via pull rods. Also featuring carbon-fibre flexible lower wishbones, and torsion bars.
Electronics:Motec controller with data acquisition and traction control system. Steering mounted driver feedback display.
Brakes:    Floating cast iron disc brakes with fixed Brembo dual piston calipers.
Wheels:     Custom ultra-lightweight cast aluminium rims, custom single nut fastening.
Tyres:Goodyear Eagle D2696