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  • 2002




Growing fast in its second year of existence the team finished 2nd overall in the 2002 FSAE-A competition and achieved 2nd place in both the Engineering Design and Endurance Events. 

Internationally renowned race car driver, engineer and author; design judge Carroll Smith described the car as the best second year car he had ever seen.

TC-550 has been served UWAM for over a decade and is still used extensively in the teams driver training program, a true testament to the simplistic and functional design of the vehicle.


Weight:240 kg
Power:67 hp 
Engine:Honda Fireblade F4 600cc motorcycle engine, custom fuel injection,  naturally aspirated.
Drivetrain:Honda 6-speed sequential gearbox, Zexel Torsen limited slip differential.
ChassisTubular mild-steel spaceframe. Fiberglass with aerospace epoxy skin bodywork.
Suspension: Fully adjustable double unequal length wishbones front and rear, pullrod-actuated Fox Racing springs and dampers, CNC machined aluminium uprights.
Brakes:    2 outboard front disc brakes with Formula Ford rotors and AP Racing callipers. Single inboard rear disc with Nissin calliper. Adjustable bias.
Wheels:     Keizer 3-piece aluminium wheels, 13x6 inch front and rear.
Tyres:Goodyear FSAE-spec racing slicks, 20.0x6.5-13.